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About how much would you need to have with you if you wanted to go to a host club? Which do you recommend? (you might have answered this already sorry if you did) I really want to go to a Host club but I feel so nervous and conscious of appearance. >< Prob just me :( Should I bring a friend or someone with me when I go?


you don’t need much money if you go for the first time (and i recommend you to get picked up by a host and not just go in to a club by yourself)

The shoukai deals (first time/introducing deals) are very cheap from 1000 to 3000 yen normally. and most of them have a drink all you can deal included.

But it’s very limited what you can drink. Usually it’s just one drink you can choose but you can have it as many bottles as you can drink + tea/something else to mix with it.

I recommend you to go only once to the same club if you don’t have much experience and japanese skills, it’ll be safer and cheaper. And it might be better to bring a friend along so you feel less awkward.

I don’t have any special clubs to recommend right now…

I just usually go to a random club if some handsome and interesting host approaches me on the street and offers a nice deal :D

DON’T be conscious of your appearance dear :)

Sure hosts may approach you easier if you look pretty and rich but in the end they really only care about your money.

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